Audio makes up a large part of many people’s Smart Home networks, whether it be in the form of surround sound in a home cinema system, as part of a multiroom in-wall speaker system, or even as part of a security function to ward off unwanted visitors – and with this in mind, 1install have strived to partner with a host of world-renowned audio specialists and speaker suppliers in order to get the very best in sound quality to all of our customers.
Wisdom Audio are just one of our valued partners in audio supply, and as such, we are proud to offer their spectacular quality and unique stock to our customers should they wish for a particular sound, or even look, to their Smart Home network.  Wisdom have been operating out of Nevada, USA for twenty years, offering not only unique in-wall and free-standing sound and speaker systems, but also amplifiers, subwoofers and line sources such as the pioneering LS4 model, which the company prides itself on offering the pinnacle in cinema-quality sound.  Wisdom Audio’s speakers and facilities also benefit from looking superb – meaning that any concerns regarding bulky speakers or clunky boom boxes can be put to rest.  Offering sleek and contemporary sound solutions that look almost as good as they sound, we are very proud to be offering our customers supplies on behalf of the Nevada firm.
From the very start of the consultation process we will be happy to analyse exactly how we can offer you the dream Smart Home that you’d like to achieve.  With help from our range of partners and suppliers, such as Wisdom Audio, we can ensure that your home is upgraded with great-sounding and great-looking audio solutions that will help breathe a new atmosphere throughout the rooms of your home, and help bring cinema-quality sound to an in-house theatre – all of this can be achieved by coupling Wisdom’s fantastic range of innovations and products alongside our expertise and attention to detail.
For more information on some of the partners we are allied with to supply superb Smart Home networks to private homes - in addition to any queries you have about the process in general - simply call 0345 073 9699 – and we will be happy to discuss your needs, your wants, and your dream Smart Home installation – and what we can do to help make that vision a reality in no time at all.