Wiring a Smart Home can be tricky – and while some sources state that it is possible to do so without professional assistance, we at 1install believe that it takes an expert hand or two to make sure that everything is functional and that the network is exactly to the homeowner’s design specifications.  Wiring up home automation can be very complex for an individual who is new to the concept of Smart Homes, and we therefore offer comprehensive advice, support and project management to help lighten both the load and the difficulty of undertaking any tasks yourself.  This way, while you will retain control over what you’d like to go into your Smart Home, you don’t have to worry about undertaking all the nitty gritty parts yourself.  Let us handle Smart Home wiring for you!
Allowing 1install to consult and take the reins on designing and setting up the wiring for your Smart Home will give you more time to decide exactly what you’d like from your new upgraded home – and without the hassle of Smart Home wiring, you can sit back and watch your home gradually come alive with the various facilities and functions that you can operate form your very own Control4 hub.  With a vast portfolio of bespoke projects and designs from previous commissions, 1install’s team of engineers and surveyors know their way around wiring a Smart Home – meaning that if you’re looking to have such facilities installed, why not go with a team that know both functionality and superb design inside and out?
No matter what you may need Smart Home wiring for, 1install can adapt your existing electrical supply and seamlessly install a host of new services for you at both a competitive rate and with the efficiency you require – meaning that we can start and finish a project for you both within minimal timescales, and to your complete and utter satisfaction.  When it comes to wiring a Smart Home, no one comes close!
For more information on how we can lighten the load and make installing a Smart Home and its various functions a breeze, call us directly on 0345 073 9699 and we will be happy to discuss the best options for you, as well as arranging for a consultation to ensure that we know exactly how to get Smart Home wiring up and running in your property in no time at all.  Wiring a s Smart Home needn’t be a hassle – just call 1install!