1install have been providing home automation installations and assistance to homes in and around London since 2005, and this is where we first started – as the technology to build a Smart Home was once a luxury that only those who lived in or around the capital could feasibly afford or benefit from.  Since then, the technology and our versatility has expanded and developed to such an extent that we are able to offer our fantastic support and range of home automation features to a broader field of customers both in and around London and beyond.
As the capital city, much of 1install’s custom is based here in London – and we are based a short distance west of the city and surrounding areas in Bracknell, which allows us to provision and supply bespoke home automation networks and setups to the gamut of London suburbs and boroughs as well as within the centre of the city itself.  As a bustling centre of commerce for the UK, it’s no surprise that many homes in the more lucrative areas of London wish to take advantage of some of the superb upgrades that 1install can offer to anyone looking to give their property a technological boost.
London home automation doesn’t come more reliable nor more experienced than with 1install – having started from the capital outwards over ten years ago, we’re proud to continue offering a wide range of Smart Home options and installations to homeowners who are looking to regain control of their home’s facilities, or upgrade their home entertainment systems with our wide array of high-end audio and video facilities – offering home cinema options and multiroom audio to anyone who is keen to create unique atmosphere within their home through sound and vision.
London customers of 1install are also pleased with how secure home automation can make their property – offering them the opportunity to not only control door and window locks as well as alarms from smart phone access, but even the home itself to report any hazards or breaches that the homeowner should know about while they are away from home.  There are a wealth of reasons why London homeowners chose 1install to provide, install, advise and maintain their home automation systems – and for more information on what we can do to upgrade your home to a new lease of life, simply call us or contact us via web form and we will be happy to help!