Since 2005, 1install have been supplying, installing, advising upon and maintaining home automation networks and facilities for a wide range of homes and customers, initially beginning from London outwards, but later expanding to the home counties.  Berkshire, which is only a short distance from the west of the city, is one of our most commonly-supplied areas, and as such we are proud to cover the county in its entirety for all things Smart Home related.
1install is based in Bracknell, Berkshire, meaning that any homes wishing to opt for our services will be receiving reliable, efficient local support and advice, together with local knowledge of the area and what trends are currently high on the local agenda.  Many homes surrounding London were the first experience the luxury of home automation a decade ago, however, as technology has advanced and as sophisticated tech and home installations have become more widely available, we have been able to expand our remit and our coverage, allowing us to not only cover homes in the London area and surrounding boroughs, but to also supply and install within our home county of Berkshire and the remaining home counties surrounding the south of England.
Our expertise and success in creating bespoke Smart Homes for customers using the superb Control4 networking system have allowed us to continue expanding our coverage and our expertise, as we continue to work with some of the world’s most trusted and popular brands and manufacturers in entertainment, security and homewares – meaning that we can safely, confidently and practically arrange for home automation in more homes than ever before, offering the same guarantee of efficiency and quality on each and every job.  Here at 1install, we pride ourselves on our approach to accountability and our work ethic, meaning that every commission we undertake is completed both to your tastes and wishes as well as within safe, practical and functional guidelines.  We aim to get everything set up and working first time, every time.
Covering Berkshire allows us to supply to our local area, which means that if you live within the county, you can experience a particularly efficient and practical installation without having to be concerned with timescales and accountability.  For further information on the brands we work with, the bespoke creations we’ve provided and how we can upgrade your Berkshire home to the next level, why not take a closer look through our website or let us know if you have any queries?  Simply call or fill out our web form and we will be happy to help wherever possible!