Ever wanted to capture the magic of the movies in your own home – with all the visual and surround sound qualities you experience at your local cinema?  How about having your own dedicated entertainment lounge, complete with big screen visuals and smart controls, so that you can enjoy a library of DVD movies and streaming content online without the hassle of switching devices or managing several remote controls at once?  Have you considered the benefits that Control4 multiroom video could bring to your property?
With a Smart Home installation from 1install, one or more rooms in your home can benefit from superb quality video solutions and streaming services that can be programmed and operated from either a central hub tablet, control panel or even via mobile application – meaning that you could have complete control over a number of entertainment sources within your home at the very tap of a screen, no matter where you are.  Control4 multiroom video also enables you to control what gets watched in other rooms, giving you full security and access to content streamed to other members of your household.  
You can also benefit from easier streaming and DVD entertainment with built-in video and audio equipment that can be activated and controlled remotely, allowing you to not only obtain greater control over what you watch and when, but you’ll also have access to a greater choice of entertainment.  Gone are the days of having to program a VCR before you could watch the latest home releases – with spectacular full HD, 4K or even 3D video solutions, you can turn your home into a megaplex using 1install’s range of visual entertainment solutions and Control4 multiroom video.  There are a fantastic range of options and programs for you to enjoy as part of a Smart Home installation, and 1install are proud to offer them all to our customers at highly competitive rates.
For more information on how you can bring stunning cinema quality entertainment into your home, or how you could gain greater control over the entertainment viewed or streamed via Control4 multiroom video, simply call us directly on 0345 073 9699 and we will be happy to discuss how we can make your lounge, bedrooms, or even kitchen into mini cinemas for you to enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies at work, rest and play – or even while you’re cooking a Sunday roast!