For many people, music plays a huge part in the creation of atmosphere, not only in the privacy of their own company but also when it comes to hosting parties and get-togethers.  As part of our installation services, we are happy to offer a range of audio solutions and ideas that can be used and controlled via the swipe of a control panel or tablet – from embedded speakers to multiroom audio and cinema-quality sound systems to bring TV and DVD entertainment to life, we are proud to be partnered with a number of fantastic suppliers and brands who supply us with products and services that never fail to impress our customers.
Sonance are one of our closest allies when it comes to offering premier audio solutions and the very best in sound quality across music, radio, TV and film – whether you are looking to embed speakers within the walls of your home to create certain moods and atmospheres, or if you are aiming to get crisp, unbeatable surround sound from a home cinema system, Sonance are market leaders in product innovation and sales – meaning that they are not only a reliable source of supply for our installations, they are also experts in sound quality and what makes people listen – meaning that any products or features provided by Sonance will be guaranteed to get music and movie fans alike buzzing with excitement.
By working with Sonance and our other partners, 1install can confidently design and install practical and functional Smart Home networks for any need or desire – and we will ensure to keep the customer involved in every step of the process.  Simply let us know what you would like from a Smart Home and we will do the rest for you – meaning that you could well be benefiting from a superb Sonance audio installation or two if you are a particularly keen listener or music buff.
For more information on our partners and Smart Sound installations, call us on 0345 073 9699 – and we will be more than happy to discuss how Sonance and our other partners can help make a user-friendly and energy-efficient Smart Home a reality for you – to make your life easier and to wow your guests at parties, there’s no better solution than to upgrade your property!