Whatever you may want or need a Smart Home for, there are a variety of different services and features that can be linked up to a central hub or control panel that will allow you to have complete control over your home and everything within it.  While you may be interested in having Smart Home technology installed to allow you to better protect your family and your property, you may also benefit from additional applications and features to help simplify the way you run your household.  We are fairly certain that you will wonder how you ever lived before Smart Home technology!
From a simple control panel or hub, 1install can provide you with a host of services that you can activate, tweak and use with the swipe or touch of a finger, making processes quick, simple and easy to access at any time.  We work with a number of professional firms and suppliers to bring high-quality lighting, audio, visual, security, heating and cooling equipment for installation as part of a dedicated Smart Home solution, along with a specialist partnership with Control4, who offer a superb range of Smart Home hubs and setups.  By working with such brands and services, we can ensure that you receive a fully-operational and quality-assured Smart Home system that will keep you and your family safe, warm, and entertained.  What more could you possibly need?
From a hub or control panel you will be able to manipulate lighting in certain rooms of your home, control brightness, dimming and other effects – and will also be able to use a smart thermostat to ensure that certain rooms receive priority heat and/or cooling ahead of others.  A thermostat or heating service is particularly useful as seasons change, and you will be thankful for replacing wall radiators which can often be wasteful in energy and in terms of costs.
You can even have your own home cinema installed – allowing for built-in streaming and DVD access and customisable surround sound speakers – and the opportunity to have a different song playing in each room of your home, thanks to smart entertainment technology.  In addition to this, you can have your hub monitor the security of your property, not only via an alarm system but even by checking for potential damage to your home.
A Smart Home is a safer home – and one that can be warmer, and better entertained!  For information on each of the services 1install can bring to your property, why not click the relevant service links to see which features and tools could be at your very fingertips?