Keeping your home safe and secure should ideally be the number one priority for you if you are a homeowner with a family and valuable assets to protect – but just how much can a simple lock and key system do to keep everything under wraps?  How many times have you left home wondering whether or not you have made sure that your property is secure against any would-be intruders or vandals?  A Control4 security system from 1install can help ensure that your home is not only protected and secured with industry standard and even pioneering technology, but can also allow you to monitor your property from afar, meaning that you can feel more relaxed away from home than ever before.
Not only can a Control4 security system allow you to remotely lock and release doors and windows using a remote application for use via mobile or tablet device, but it can even alert you as to who may be approaching your home, thanks to sensor and alarm technology that can be set up alongside a central hub or control centre (which we will normally provide on behalf of Control4, our partner for the majority of our superb Smart Home solutions).  If there is suspicious activity in or around your home and your Smart Home has picked up on such, you can choose what to do via your mobile applications – and you can also create and control alarms and warnings to ward off unwanted visitors.
Security in a Smart Home is mainly run either via the central control panel or outside of the property altogether thanks to the use of mobile applications.  This remote security access allows you to either control or secure your property with the swipe of a finger, or even give the impression that you’re at home when you’re not – there are a world of different deterrents you can use in line with security options that can be installed as part of a Smart Home, and depending upon the level of safety you are hoping for, we will be able to discuss the best possible options for you – and how a Control4 security system can satisfy your needs.
Security and safety options via a Control4 security system can help put your mind at ease both home and away.  For more information, call us on 0345 073 9699 – and we will be happy to discuss the different tools, applications and options available that will make your Smart Home as Safe Home!