As part of our superb installation service and our portfolio of industry-trusted and well-known partners, 1install are proud to be partnered with Rako, who help provide simple, effective and stunning lighting systems and innovations for use with Smart Home setups and technology.  Based in Rochester, they are a British firm that not only offers a product line to operate with third party systems and products, but also their own control panels and activation hardware to help bring the best of their illumination devices to life.
Rako are a leading force in lighting technology, offering a colossal and diverse range of solutions for almost any lamp or standard fittings, which can also be connected in line with a Smart Home system.  Offering wireless, wired and even a combined lighting system to help brighten up even the darkest reaches of your home, Rako technology can be activated at the swipe of a finger or the click of a button, and can be programmed and set up to however you may wish.  Dimming technology and Smart Lighting is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK, and Rako have understood this by creating and providing regular innovations for suppliers such as 1install to help transform the way that your home is lit up.
Rako offer their own Smart Home control panel and networking systems, but also allow for the flexibility to connect up a numbers of their product range and solutions with third party systems, too.  Don’t let this be a concern, as we will negotiate with manufacturers on your behalf – however, we will ensure that we discuss any product ranges and options available to you ahead of any installation work, making sure that you are fully aware of what you are having brought into your home.  We believe Rako to be at the absolute pinnacle of lighting networking and feature innovation, making them a prime candidate for our partnership.  We will work closely with Rako to ensure that the lighting you need – or indeed want – is created and installed efficiently and to a high quality standard.
Rako are just one of our partnered brands and suppliers, and we are proud to offer a portfolio of many other names behind the best quality Smart Home technology available.  For more information on the different services that we provide, or for a brief discussion regarding your potential home installation, call us directly on 0345 073 9699 – and we will be happy to discuss matters further with you!