What is a home automation project manager?  As well as offering a window into the world of Smart Homes and how you can bring your home into the next decade early, 1install offer a comprehensive and quality-assured Smart Home project manager service, ensuring that everything you’d like to be set up for your property is handled with efficiency, expertise and attention to detail.  Not only this, but we can assure complete ownership of a project and proposed installation from initial network design right the way through to final installation.
Setting up a network for a Smart Home can be a complex business, which is why we’re proud to host a team of expert networking engineers with a wealth of home installations and consultations behind them.  1install’s project management service will run the gamut between blueprints, assembly, installation and final testing, and we will ensure that you are kept at the heart of the process from the very beginning.  After all, it’s your home that we are upgrading – and it will be your Smart Home that you will be enjoying after our visit.  We believe the role of the Smart Home project manager should be supportive and inclusive, as well as experts in installation.
A home automation project manager will ensure that we plan and draw up your installation to ensure that it meets your needs and wants before progressing with the project – during which time we will discuss with you which elements to a Smart Home you would most like to benefit from, what your budget can cover, and how and where you would like certain features and modules to be installed.  This way, we can discuss and determine costs with you ahead of time before work has begun so that you are confident and clear on what to expect.
From here, we will manage the project by working with our suppliers and manufacturers to provide all the hardware needed to provide you with the services you requested.  We will then ensure that you are made aware of timescales for the completion of the project and installation, while making sure that we get full clearance from you to access your home during such a period.  By allowing 1install to act as home automation project manager, you are allowing an experienced team of engineers and Smart Home specialists take efficient and quality control on your behalf, while keeping you informed and at the heart of the process each and every step of the way.  What more could you wish for from a Smart Home project manager?
For more information and advice on how we can offer you support as a dedicated Smart Home project manager, call us on 0345 073 9699 and we will be happy to discuss your ideal installation in as little or as much detail as you need.