Alongside superb Control4 technology to help connect all of your Smart Home applications and features together, 1install is proud to be working with Pakedge technology to help making networking and connectivity for your devices and wireless controls that little bit easier – both in terms of the initial installation, and in terms of your Smart Home’s operation.
Pakedge are pioneers in the production of Audio/Visual and Automation technology, and their portfolio of network solutions allows for some of the most efficient and reliable wireless technology available.  Their creations optimise high efficiency in periods of high congestion and traffic, meaning that Pakedge can be relied upon for data and software intensive systems such as Smart Home installations – as, while working hand in hand with Control4, its networking devices can ensure that all systems remain operational regardless of whether or not you are powering a home cinema, remote lighting or home security separately, or all together at once.  Pakedge technology working in line with Control4 and our expert installation will ensure that your home is not only Smart, but is also super-fast, and super-reliable.
Pakedge have recently joined forces with Control4 to bring super-fast networking and connectivity to Smart Homes up and down the country, with twice the technology and half the choice previously available to customers.  Pakedge brings cutting-edge cloud management networking to Control4, along with a wealth of technological innovation and ideas to help homeowners manage their entertainment, their comfort and their work more efficiently than ever.
While you may not need to understand the full ins and outs of wireless networking to get the best out of your Control4 and Pakedge installation, the joining together of the two brands allows us here at 1install to provide a single, reliable Smart Home networking interface to allow you and your family with speedy and easy-to-use controls, meaning that you can activate and access security, entertainment and comfort features even easier – and that there will be a greater wealth of management options for you should you wish to dig deeper!
For more information on how Pakedge technology twinned with Control4’s superb Smart Home system can help revolutionise how you run your household – or for any advice or support you need on installation of devices and networking within your home, simply call 1install today on 0345 073 9699 and we will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.