If you are a homeowner and have a family and/or valuable property or assets to protect from would-be intruders, vandals or otherwise, you may well have already considered various security options for your home, such as alarms, patrols and close circuit monitoring – but, thanks to Smart Home technology, there is now a new way to help safeguard your home against those who may be unwelcome from entering it!
Using a range of applications and resources that can be used as part of your Smart Home control panel or tablet, you can not only remotely secure and lock your property when you are away, but can even ensure that your home appears to be in use, even when it’s not – and you can do so in such a way that you won’t need to be concerned about wasting electricity or money while doing so.
Thanks to remote access via mobile application, several Smart Home features can allow you manipulate when and where lighting, heating and even curtain movements can occur, as well as when and where certain noises can be emitted – meaning that, to the outside world and casual onlooker, your home appear to be fully occupied.  This is a fantastic deterrent that many have used over the years by simply leaving on a light switch or asking a neighbour to occupy a property – but now, you can save both time and energy by programming and controlling exactly when you would like your home to appear to be occupied, thus lowering the risk of anyone wishing to gain access to your home.
1install provide a host of different technologies, applications and features for Smart Homes on behalf of some of the country’s premier brands and suppliers, meaning that we can comfortably offer our customers an efficient, effective and secure installation on each and every occasion.  Not only can you benefit from more efficient lighting and advanced entertainment systems, but you can also ensure that your property goes unimpeded when you’re away.
For more information, call us on 0345 073 9699 – and we will happily discuss any options for security and occupancy simulation that you may require.  No matter the need nor the want, we offer a huge range of products and programs to help make you feel safe, secure and in control of your property, even when you’re out at work or even on holiday.  Simply give us a call and we will look forward to discussing plans for your potential Smart Home!