A great home cinema system doesn’t just require superb visuals and a great look to complement your interior design – it also needs the very best, the pinnacle, in sound support and audio equipment – meaning that you’ll need supply from some premier sources if you really want to get the most out of an in-home theatre in your Smart Home.  1install are partnered with a number of audio and speaker specialists, and M&K Loudspeakers are just one of the superb suppliers we work with regularly to ensure that our customers receive amazing cinema-quality sound and music as part of their installation with us.
M&K Loudspeakers are based in Headley in West Berkshire, and despite being an independent firm, they are considered some of the most knowledgeable home cinema specialists in the UK.  They have supplied and managed a host of private home cinema installations both wholesale, direct to customers and on behalf of installation firms such as 1install, offering competitive expertise on both THX – technology previously only ever achievable in cinemas – and 4K entertainment, which as many people will know is the step forward from full HD.  M&K Loudspeakers know their equipment, their market and how to get great-sounding entertainment up and running in homes that really want to emulate that cinema experience in comfort and luxury.
1install are proud to be partnered with M&K Loudspeakers not only for their expertise and support, but also for their flexibility and willing to supply and support our Smart Home installations.  As part of our service, we like to ensure that customers are getting the very best in audio, visual, heating and lighting equipment – and we can easily incorporate M&K Loudspeakers’ range of home cinema and surround sound products into any Smart Home network.  Ahead of any installation, we will ensure that you choose the options and services that you would like incorporated into your Smart Home design - meaning that you could potentially be taking advantage of M&K Loudspeakers’ fantastic range in no time at all.
For more information on the suppliers and experts we work with to help provide you with unique bespoke Smart Home installations, call us on 0345 073 9699 – and we will be more than happy to discuss options with you to help upgrade your home into a smart new future – you can count on us for efficient and knowledgeable product support, supply and installation at highly competitive rates.