Household lighting has come a long way from a basic switch or two to light up the dark – and even further from traditional bulbs, with more and more homes now electing to take on energy saving alternatives to make their homes more efficient and to lower the cost of electricity.  Now, with Smart Home technology and Control4 lighting, you can not only save even more money and energy, but you can also obtain a whole new level of control and functionality with household lighting – meaning that you can create new moods and atmospheres with ease, as well as lighting your way in the dark.
With the aid of a central hub and a Control4 lighting system, you can control which lights in which rooms operate at specific times (or if at all), how bright they’ll be, and what you’ll need them for.  For example, remote dimming technology can be used to improve visibility while watching television or reading a book – meaning that you save energy – and headaches – by benefitting from just the right amount of light for what you need it for.
Control4 lighting can also be used via motion control – which means that a light will activate when you walk into a room, and switch off when you leave it.  This means no more feeling guilty for leaving lights on in rooms that are not in use.  You’ll even be able to control lighting inside and out, making for spectacular LED and lighting atmospheres when entertaining guests.  The Control4 lighting system is extraordinarily versatile – and you’ll love even learning how to use it!
You can do all this and more with Smart Lighting – and as well as offering Control4 lighting, 1install are partnered with leading lighting innovators and suppliers Rako and Lutron, meaning that you can be assured of the highest quality in Smart Lighting supplies and support from an installation provided by our team of experts on each and every occasion.  We strive to partner with only the very best in their trade, therefore, meaning that we can offer our customers the best possible value for money from a dedicated Control4 lighting system.
Smart Lighting is a fantastic way to both create atmosphere and illuminate your home for less in the long term.  For more information, call us on 0345 073 9699 – and we will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have regarding setting up lighting for a Smart Home installation, and how our bespoke install service can help you get the most out of your existing property.  For everything Control4 lighting – give us a call!