As part of the services we offer to customers through Smart Home installations, we are proud to continue to be partnered with Leaf, who are considered to be one of the premier providers of Smart Home networks to private homeowners today.  Using their competitive range of products and connectivity, we have been able to offer customers with homes of all shapes and sizes efficient and functional Smart Home solutions that simplify and enhance aspects of their lives which they may not even have considered needed upgrading.
Leaf believes in making things simple – and this is certainly clear from their mission statement and connectivity profile, offering efficient and easy-to-understand guides to creating the perfect functional Smart Home network, allowing a number of devices throughout the home as well as those provided by alternative suppliers and manufacturers to be linked up and controlled through a central device or external application.  Leaf’s ‘Air’ connectivity and networking is some of the most attractive and user-friendly available to the public, and thus we are extremely indebted to their supply for a number of homes and projects we have worked with in recent history.
Regardless of what you want or need from a Smart Home, Leaf are just one of our partners in supply and support, and dependent upon the bespoke needs of your project, or how many applications you are looking to link up as part of your Smart Network, we will be able to couple your supply with one of our trusted partners to ensure that you get the best experience both throughout installation and after all has been set up for you.  At 1install we believe in transparency with our customers and we will therefore discuss any and all feasible options with you for your Smart Home before getting to work.  This way, you can be assured of the right tools and features for your upgraded life before our engineers can get underway.
For more information, call us on 0345 073 9699 – and we will be happy to discuss how Leaf’s Air system, or how any of our alternative partners, can help bring your home into a quicker, simpler and more advanced present – making your life and home more secure, more energy efficient and altogether more relaxing.  No matter your needs or wants, call us today and we will gladly discuss what we can do to help enhance your home in no time at all.