Home automation allows you to discover the home of your dreams – completely self-reliant and a technology that is no longer restricted to science fiction. With the help of our skilled team of Home automation specific professionals, more and more UK home owners are now enjoying the luxury of fully controlled intelligent homes designed to make life simpler, more relaxing and fully automated. 1Install provides the whole range of cutting-edge home automation services from the practical and simple to full luxurious indulgence; whichever way allowing you to control you home with breath-taking ease.

Experts in Home Automation

The possibilities of home automation are endless, and the result is a fully customised living environment that responds to your every whim and desire. Set the mood in your home or garden with ultra-modern lighting systems; maximise your efficiency and maintain temperature to your individual requirement with heating control and smart air conditioning control; draw and close your blinds and curtains with blind control; indulge in a range of ultra-stylish audio/video installations from basic to deluxe; enjoy the wonders of sound with a full house music system; and of course, protect your property with a state-of-the-art security system, all at the touch of a button. All of this is possible through a smart home automation system.

Home Automation Control

1Install will help you realise your vision of the perfect home automation system by installing any of these well-appointed schemes with the highest level of professionalism and technical expertise. We also specialise in home entertainment systems, bringing clients their own exclusive experience of cutting-edge cinema. Contact us today and start transforming your home into a truly intelligent living space packed to the brim with home automation.