Most households will likely benefit from a standard or combi boiler and water radiation to provide heat and comfort – however, such systems can be extremely inefficient and inconvenient over time, often causing bills to increase and the need for regular maintenance to arise – particularly if they are all being used at any one time.  There are other options for household warmth available on the market, such as underfloor or convection heating – but you could do better in combining convenience with any one of these methods via a Smart Home solution, and with a dedicated Control4 heating system.
Smart Heating, operated via a simple control panel that can be supplied with your Smart Home installation, will allow you to connect up any existing heat appliances – from standard radiators to underfloor heating – and will give you the additional power and flexibility to control which rooms receive heat and when – as well as how much.  This control not only allows you to monitor and manipulate your heating from a simple interface, but also enables you to potentially lower the overall cost of warming your property.  For both ease of use and selective warmth, Smart Heating cannot be beaten – particularly when it comes to Control4 heating technology, which 1install are specialised in providing.
Using Control4 heating technology as part of your Smart Home installation will enable you to warm up certain rooms on cold mornings, or allow warmer rooms to cool down when they are in need of respite.  The technology not only cuts out the hassle of having to monitor and test every heating appliance in your home, but also allows you to reduce the need for having all radiators activated at once.  With Smart Heating, you can be selective and in control, while potentially even cutting the cost of energy bills in the long term, no matter who may be supplying you.
Smart Heating is just one of the fantastic privileges that 1install can help bring your property as part of a bespoke and comprehensive Smart Home installation.  We work with a range of experts and suppliers to ensure that we offer our customers and clients the best supply at a competitive rate and within efficient timescales.  
For more information on how your home can benefit and warm up more efficiently from Control4 heating and other solutions, call us directly on 0345 073 9699 – and we will be happy to discuss and questions and concerns you may have regarding installation, use, costs and timescales.  With 1install, you could be enjoying a warm and energy-efficient home in no time at all.