When it comes to interior design, things can often be a lot more complex than they first seem – and the same can apply to home automation design!  With a Smart Home, not only will installations need to function correctly via an elaborate network and fit together in a seamless manner to be operated via a control panel or tablet, but they will also need to look fantastic – so that they integrate with your home design and interior style with relative ease.  Getting this balance correct is something that we at 1install pride ourselves upon – having worked with and installed scores of Control4 system design projects, our team know how to make sure a Smart Home both functions as expected while looking spectacular at the same time.
As our portfolio shows, we have worked with a range of different private clients on a number of unique and imaginative home designs and installations in the past, which has required our team of engineers and designers to work in tandem to be both versatile and flexible in their approach – home automation design works on both practical and visual levels, which means that we need to ensure that our designs work in practice, are safe to operate, and are exactly what the customer ordered.  Control4 system design comes naturally to our experts – and you’ll get to see why shortly after starting consultation with us.
At the very start of the process we will discuss your ideas and what you would ideally like to achieve from home automation design and functionality – and we will ensure that any blueprints or early drafts we produce are seen by you to ensure that we are still well in sight of the dream home you are looking to achieve.  This way, we can keep your initial vision in mind while making sure that we have the facility to make it fully functional.  This will also involve a brief survey of your home to ensure that we can implement the necessary equipment in the design that we have agreed with you.
Our team have both the practical skills and the imagination to make a fully functional and spectacular home automation design come to fruition with efficiency and flexibility.  For more information, call us directly on 0345 073 9699 and we will happily discuss any ideas you may have for a home upgrade, and we will be more than happy to offer you the expertise in Control4 system design that will leave you with an efficient and great-looking home that you can control with the swipe of a finger!