While Smart Lighting and dimming technology are fantastic ways of adapting your home into an efficiently illuminated workspace or entertainment venue, there’s nothing quite like natural light – and sometimes, particularly when the sun is high up in the sky, getting the shade just right or getting the glare minimised to be able to work or watch television can be a chore for many people.  As part of a Smart Home installation, many people take advantage of automated curtains – while the concept may sound bizarre, if glare is something that has provided you with difficulty in the past, you will wonder just what you ever did without the technology once you have it in place!
Automated curtains can be programmed to close and open at specific times of the day, and specific days of the week, using a central hub or tablet, or even a smartphone application – meaning that if you’d like natural light to wake you up in the morning, you can request that your curtains open freely at 6AM.  If you’d like them to close at dusk, you can program them to do so at 6PM.  It’s simple!
Smart Curtains, much like blinds which can be installed as part of the same network, can also be used to react to certain lights and situations, meaning that if the sun reaches a level of brightness that you find intrusive or even intolerable, you can ask your curtains to close slightly or even altogether – meaning that you have complete control over the situation from the first time you program the system to react.  This, thankfully, means no more fiddling around with awkward blinds or drapes – and that you can leave everything down to an extremely clever set of automated curtains!
Smart Curtains and blinds have provided thousands of people worldwide with glare-free workspaces and entertainment centres, and 1install are proud to offer the technology as just one of the superb services that you can experience thanks to a comprehensive Smart Home installation.  For more information, call us on 0345 073 9699 – and we will offer as much information as you need on how a Smart Home can benefit your working time as well as your leisure activities – and how the jobs and tasks you find yourself performing now can be made things of the past almost effortlessly – a one-time program of our automated curtains will allow your PC or TV to remain glare free for whenever the sun decides to settle on high in future!