While not all households may be fortunate enough to benefit from air conditioning in heavy or hot weather, there is certainly something to be said for having Smart Cooling installed as part of a full Smart Home installation.  While Smart Heating will allow radiators and other heating appliances to be operated remotely and with full control from a remote hub or control panel, Smart Cooling will allow you to manipulate the reach and effectiveness of crisp, cold air reaching certain rooms and areas in your home.
With Smart Cooling, 1install can provide and install cooling vents in all or any rooms in which you require occasional respite from warmth or humidity – and with this, you’ll be able to control how much air conditioning reaches certain rooms, and can also toggle certain areas ‘on’ or ‘off’ if they’re becoming too cold.  In addition to this, sensors can also be fitted, which will allow the rooms in your home to be measured via a small plug-in device, reporting back to your central hub as to whether or not that particular space is too hot or too cold – and the cooling system will start up automatically based on your own temperature settings.
Smart Cooling can work in tandem with Smart Heating easily, and as such, can provide you with a wealth of options for how you keep control of the temperature of your home.  No longer will you need to rely upon inefficient means of heating or cooling – standard devices will often expel and waste energy when it is not required, whereas a Smart system will allow your home to warm up and cool down when it is determined that it needs to.  In the long term, this will potentially cut running energy costs as well as provide balanced temperature throughout your property – something which can be extremely hard to come by through traditional means of heating and cooling a home.
Smart Cooling is a fantastic resource for homeowners in warmer months, particularly when other sources of cooling and heat respite can increase electricity consumption and ramp up bills considerably.  For more information and advice on how you can bring much needed cool and calm to your home via a Smart Home installation, call us on 0345 073 9699 – and we will be happy to discuss a future potential Smart Home installation with you in as much detail as you may need.