1install are proud to be partnered with Control4, who provide premier Smart Home networks to homes up and down the country and around the world – their easy-to-use touchscreen control hub along with versatile network solutions have helped them to become one of the most renowned and trusted sources of home automation technology, advice and applications.  As such, 1install have become specialised in the installation and operation of Control4 networks and products, meaning that each and every customer we provide such services to can be assured of experienced workmanship taking care of every step of the way.
Control4 offer a huge range of Smart Home technology and solutions to fit any property – specialising in lighting, entertainment and security, a Control4 network is one which is both easy and fun to use, offering seamless interaction between control panel and devices, and giving you full, unadulterated control over the elements of your home that matter the most.  Need to program or control the lighting in your home?  With a few taps and swipes, you can illuminate the rooms in your home however you may wish.
In terms of entertainment solutions, Control4 networks allow for multiroom audio, meaning that you can experience a different album, mood or genre in every room on your command, home cinema installations, and some devices are even compatible with streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify and Deezer – meaning that you’ll be able to access your favourite entertainment from anywhere in your home at any time – with a minimum of effort.
Control4 offer a variety of hubs and tools to help you get the most out of your Smart Home, and we will work closely with you on which of their product range will work best for your needs and wants.  We will work with you on an initial design and compile a detailed plan as to how you’d like your home to be upgraded.  That way, we can get to work in finding the very best and most appropriate Control4 equipment to ensure that you remain safe, comfortable and entertained.  Control4 has been named as responsible for providing the ‘Ultimate Smart Home’ – and we would be inclined to agree!
For more information on Control4, please call us on 0345 073 9699 and we will be happy to talk further with you about how we can make a fully functional Smart Home a reality for you in the very near future.