Setting up a Smart Home or home automation project is not as simple as it may seem – while it may appear that it is a case of linking several devices via one central hub, behind the scenes it can be a little more intricate – which is why 1install can be depended upon to provide expert consultancy on all matters home automation.  Offering a bespoke Control4 consultant service to any potential customers that wish to take advantage of some of the superb upgrades that can be integrated into their home, our team of expert engineers, surveyors and designers will be happy to inspect your property for future Smart Home potential – and will then work with you on designing and implementing a fantastic automated network that is both easy and fun to use.  Our home automation consultancy service will help us prepare a functional and safe design for your Smart Home network with efficiency and ease.
Designing and installing a Smart Home requires surveying of an existing property along with discussion and drafting of ideas and needs for the finished product – our home automation consultancy will look into opportunities for features such as selective room heating, internal and external lighting controls, automated and remote security access and locking, in-wall multiroom audio, and can even look at the possibilities of provisioning a full home cinema in either a dedicated room, lounge or bedroom setting.  By acting as a Control4 consultant, we can assess the potential for a fully functional Smart Home to be built into your property long before any assembly or installation work begins – meaning that the final product will be both in line with your specifications and allow you to control each and every feature of the network with ease.  If it’s worth getting right, it’s worth getting right first time.
For more information on our home automation consultancy service, or to arrange for a full consultation of your home and needs, simply call us directly on 0345 073 9699 and we will be more than happy to discuss taking your home upgrade needs to the next level.  For a dedicated Control4 consultant with a portfolio of unique and imaginative designs that function effortlessly as well as provide seamless comfort, entertainment and security, you need look no further than 1install for support.