Ask any movie lover what their ideal home comfort or improvement would be, and it’s very likely that they’ll tell you that they’d love a Home Cinema room – and why not?  As part of a Smart Home provided by 1install, a responsive and flexible Home Cinema system can be integrated into your home, thanks to both our expert team of designers and engineers and the superb partners and brands that we have allied with to bring the very best in audio and video quality – as well as functionality – to homeowners who love to watch a DVD boxset or two.  Using Control4 technology, 1install can introduce a superb Control4 cinema room into any home.
Home Cinema systems are truly bespoke – in that no two are often the same!  A grand visual display and premier quality surround sound can be installed as part of a unique design and package as determined by the user – meaning that if you’re keen to replicate the look and feel of your local cinema’s big screen in your garage or a dedicated cinema room, we will work with you to achieve the look and functionality that you have always wanted.  Or, if you are looking for something a little more subtle, while still benefiting from crisp, full HD, 4K or even 3D video and a sound system that will pull you into even the dullest of daytime TV – we will be more than happy to oblige.  Control4 cinema room solutions provide the best in big screen home entertainment – take it from us!
At 1install, we understand that every customer and every home is going to be slightly different.  Our team are happy to take on any challenge that comes their way, and are experts at getting the right look as well as the best technology and the most practical solution in place.  With Smart Home technology, 1install will show you exactly how you can monitor and manipulate your Home Cinema even when you’re not in the same room – and how you can switch movies or TV channels without having to move a muscle.  The thought of introducing your guests into your cinema room may also be a very tempting concept!
For more information on how a Home Cinema can revolutionise your entertainment experience via a Control4 cinema room, call us on 0345 073 9699 – and we will be happy to discuss the range of products, brands and options available so that you can bring home the thrills and spills of the big screen into your very own home – while keeping things both simple and easy to manage via a bespoke network and efficient control hub or mobile application.  You don’t have to buy a ticket to see big screen entertainment – bring it home to a dedicated cinema room instead!