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Technology is advancing before our very eyes – sometimes so quickly, we don’t even realise it!  While you may have made a number of upgrades in your life, such as moved up to the latest model of smartphone, or swapped a clunky laptop out for a slim new tablet – have you considered upgrading your home?  What if all of your energy appliances, lighting and even security could be powered by one handy interface, with Control4 you can and at the swipe of a finger?


A Smart Home is an efficient home – and it’s one that’s seamlessly linked together by a series of electronic devices and applications that help you run, monitor and secure your household with incomparable ease.  Using a central hub - such as the superb Control4 operating platform – you will be able to remotely operate lighting, warmth, alarms and more from a central control panel and even on the move via a dedicated smartphone application – giving you full authority over what goes on in your home even when you’re away from it!


Smart lighting from Control4 will allow you to schedule when and how you’d like your home to be illuminated – allowing for wireless lighting and a series of superb effects and features, all with the touch of a control panel.  Light switches will become a thing of the past – and greater energy efficiency a thing of the future.


Control4 can also help secure your property whether you’re at home or away – from remote video monitoring, remote alarm control and touchscreen activation available at any time, to handy alerts informing you of a breach to security or safety within your home, you can leave your property relaxed and reassured that your Smart Home has everything covered – even taking care of letting you know about accidents and hazards while you’re on the move.


Control4 can also entertain – and while its fantastic security and lighting systems may be entertaining enough for some householders, you can create your fantasy home cinema with intuitive DVD and streaming at the touch of a button, alongside music streaming throughout the home – you can remotely play today’s hits in the kitchen, and listen to guilty pleasures in the shower – all at the same time, for different listeners!


A Smart Home could well be yours – and for more information on how we can help bring Control4’s incredible technology to your property, why not call or email us today?



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