1install’s custom AV installation services equal AV perfection.

You could own the best AV equipment in the world but it would be useless if it wasn’t set up correctly; especially if it wasn’t installed by the UK’s most efficient and professional custom AV installers. To ensure we present the most excellent AV solutions to our customers, our services combine experience, superior customer service, high quality parts and equipment but most of all, knowledge of AV installation that is second to none.

Custom Av Installers

We are the AV installer that has you in mind – Is there a room in your house that is so uncomfortable and the facilities that hard to use that you no longer want to spend time in there? This is exactly what happens when you purchase out-of-the-box, inferior equipment – you will always end up disappointed. At 1install we pride ourselves on adding the comfort back into your life; nothing is insufficient and absolute nothing second-rate.

Av Installation Company

To make your home the relaxed environment that it really should be, give us a call; let the best custom AV installers take it into our hands. Our expert installers will come and view your home to assess your requirements and leave you with a guaranteed, no obligation quote to suite your budget, lifestyle and home. Custom

Commercial AV installation

From the first time you switch your AV installation on, it needs to do more than just light up. It must immerse your audience in high quality amazement that adds to your presentation. It must be the final ingredient that helps you communicate, teach and sell to all who are watching and listening. Performance is the key to success.

Av Installer

To achieve commercial AV flawlessness, one must first prioritize functionality and affordability – and of course, at 1Install, we make sure this happens. Our professional AV installers will design an AV installation tailored to the needs of your organisation by combining the highest quality parts, the best accessories and all of their know how so everyone who enters the room will awestruck.

Don’t forget every 1Install package comes with the same high quality customer service, professional installation and stress free process. We make sure that everything that happens happens for you, in an incredibly faultless fashion.