While many households will likely be home to a hi-fi system or two, not everyone can benefit from superb quality multiroom audio, just one of the standard services that can be fitted for you as part of a Smart Home from 1install.  Working with a number of high-profile audio suppliers and specialists, we are able to provide the best quality music streaming and radio services to your home that you can enjoy from room to room – and that you can switch and change with the touch of your central control panel, thanks to the benefits of Control4 audio.
We work closely with and are specialists in Control4, who are considered frontrunners in Smart Home technology – and who boast a fantastic approach to high quality audio solutions that can be manipulated from room to room with multiroom audio technology (via Control4 audio).  If you’d like to listen to classical in the bathroom, but would like something more contemporary by the time you reach the kitchen, you can arrange this without ever having to reach for a CD or MP3 player again.  A hub or control panel in your Smart Home will allow you to pick and choose which rooms listen to which stations, channels and playlists, meaning that you could even create a different atmosphere in each room of your home.  It truly is a magnificent way to make music more a part of your life than ever – and with 1install, you can do so with ease.  Control4 music is quality music – no matter who you may listen to!
As well as offering superb quality Control4 audio, we also work closely with a number of audio specialists, from MK Loudspeakers to Wisdon Audio – who not only help provide the professional quality equipment needed to stream music via multiroom audio, but also help provide the hardware for home cinema installations.  If you’ve always dreamed of having a mini-theatre in your home, have the space to do so but are unsure where to start, we will be happy to create and install bespoke audio and visual solutions to bring the magic of the silver screen home to you.
Multiroom audio and Control4 music are absolute musts for anyone who lives and breathes music, no matter the genre or style – and with Smart Home technology, you can paint your rooms in all the soundtracks you could ever wish for.  For more information on the audio technology and features we can install as part of your new Smart Home, why not call us on 0345 073 9699 or email us with any concerns you may have via our web form?